New products 2019/II (autumn)

Lean Production Building Kit System
Safe cushioning! The new Shock Absorber D30-110 15 prevents severe impacts on moving Karakuri/LCA assemblies.
Safe hold! Hatches and lifts fitted with the new Rotary Latch System D9.5-120x30 can be securely fixed and released with expert precision.
Safe movement! The new Slide Strip 48x2, plain ESD cushions impacts against the guide rails on roller conveyors and safely dissipates electrostatic charges.
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Shock Absorber D30-110 15, adjustable

Rotary Latch System D9.5-120x30

Latch Bolt Set D9.5-22.5-M8

Slide Strip 48x2, plain ESD, black similar to RAL 9005