New products 2020/I (spring)

Lean Production Building Kit System
More control! Thanks to the new Release Unit D30 Bar T2, loading and unloading operations triggered by shooters can now be implemented with very low actuation forces.
More support! Its integrated fastener makes the new Flange D30 90x90-80 an exceptionally robust solution for fastening lean frames to the floor.
More space! The new central Side Guide H13 c keeps transported goods on track on both sides. That means fewer support profiles are needed on parallel conveyor lines.
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Release Unit D30 Bar T2

1 pce.

Fastening Set 6 D30 15mm with Countersunk Screw M6

Fastening Set 6 15mm with Countersunk Screw M6

Flange D30 90x90-80

1 pce.

Threaded Insert, Profile Tube D30 heavy duty M6

Slide Strip D30 with Side Guide H13 c, grey similar to RAL 7042

Slide Strip D30 with Side Guide H13 c ESD, black similar to RAL 9005