New products 2020/I (spring)

Automation System
Exceptional rigidity! High-performance multi-axis solutions based around Transverse Carriage Plate KLE can be designed faster and put into operation more easily. Just a few components are needed to design a reliable and strong all-in-one system for 2D applications.
Exceptional strength! When heavier loads need to be moved and held, the new Gearbox 60-16 is the perfect choice. Thanks to a gear ratio of 1:16, the low-noise planetary gearbox generates a high drive torque with a medium motor speed.
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Gearbox AP 60-16, white aluminium, similar to RAL 9006

Gearbox WP 60-16, white aluminium, similar to RAL 9006

Transverse Carriage Plate KLE 6 60x60

Transverse Carriage Plate KLE 8 80x80